Reach 800 Million Users through Viber Public Accounts

There is one thing in common for customers, business owners, app developers, and every person on this planet. When they need to talk to each other, a friend, family member the first thing they reach for is their mobile phone. And they don’t even talk, they text.

For example, Telegram, Viber, LINE and Facebook Messenger is used by 2.4BN people. According to Swyft Media, around 41.5BN messages are sent our chat apps each day.

Our chat apps are connecting us more than any other communication channel. With chat apps, you instantly know if your message has been delivered, if the other person looked at your message and even if they are typing to respond.

But your clients are not only communicating with the people they know or the people whose numbers we have stored in our contacts. They’re also talking to brands and businesses, where efficiency is key. Regardless of their simple products-related questions or a complicated customer service issue, they want to be able to chat with someone who has the right answer, right away.  

To make that aspect of daily life easier and more efficient, we are introducing Public Accounts – an addition to the Viber family of features that offers a solution to all of your communication needs in one place. The only thing your user need to do is to subscribe to your Public Account. 

Over Viber Public Accounts customers can get instant information using chatbots. The preferred way of communication, especially for millennials. No more talking with people.

Viber messages not only represent a way for enterprises to personalize communication towards customers, build brand awareness and deliver actionable content over a familiar medium. Offering a wide array of engagement options – Viber messages can function as transactional, promotional, and support text, images, buttons, and links.

Interactions look and feel as simple and native as their regular Viber conversations.  

With Public Accounts, you can now connect to businesses and brands with the same simplicity and convenience that you’re used to through Viber. Your conversations with a Public Account will appear in your chat list so they are easily accessible, and you can glide between them and all of the conversations you’re already having.

With access to the businesses they want to talk to and the brands they care about, Viber users can continue to enjoy the messenger they trust the most as a one-stop shop for all of their communications. What’s more, businesses have the unique ability to create custom experiences for their customers through the private messaging feature, so 1-on-1 chats with them may be through a visually-rich interface or even powered by a sophisticated chatbot. Whatever experiences businesses can dream up, they can be made possible with Public Accounts.

Start exploring the different Public Accounts that have already joined the growing community today!

Jun 12th, 2017
2 min read