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Getting started: Business users

If you prefer intuitive drag-and-drop interfaces over coding – you may be a business user. Here’s everything you need to know about getting started with Infobip.


As a business user, your experience is a code-free one using web-based tools. Here’s a quick overview of the tools and how to use them.

The toolbar on the left side of the screen contains all the tools you need to get started.

Here, we’ll go through each in the order they appear in.


From SMS to Voice calls and Email, all your individual messaging is managed from Broadcast, the web interface for message deployment management.

Here you can create individual messages or complete campaigns.

It’s as simple as adding recipients, choosing your sender, setting your messaging parameters in terms of start, end, delivery window, duration, retry schemes, etc.

There are more or fewer options reliant on channel capabilities. We’ll review these in more detail when we explore each individual channel.

Channels and Numbers

This menu gives you access to Channels, Numbers, Tools and Compliance, and My requests.


From Channels you can request new and manage your existing channels, discover how to use, read case studies, learn about requirements etc.

The channels available are:

  • SMS: The channel of choice to reach every mobile user on the planet. With open rates of 98%, it remains the highest engagement channel of them all.
  • WhatsApp: Reach over 2.7 billion users and engage them with conversations between agents or chatbots.
  • Voice and WebRTC: Set up voice numbers, SIP trunks and Call Routing, Recording, Call Link and WebRTC settings. Note that WebRTC is only available for developer users.
  • Email: Engage over one of the most widely used, cost effective and furthest reaching channels.
  • RCS Business Messages: Provide customers with immersive interactive experiences over the next generation of SMS with images, video – and more. Note: This channel is only available upon request.
  • Viber for Business: Integrate your chatbot and create impactful engagement over one of the most popular chat apps in the world.
  • Live Chat: Engage with customers in real time via web or app widgets to provide instant support and create guided customer journeys.
  • …and more!


This is where you can buy and manage numbers for your account.

This is a straightforward process – simply click on Buy Number and choose your destination from the dropdown menu.

Make sure to filter by number capability to match your requirement, i.e. SMS, MMS or Voice.

Note: We may not have numbers available for some destinations.

Tools and Compliance

In Tools and Compliance, users can access these helpful tools:

  • URL shortener: Allows you to shorten long URLs in messages. Simply copy in your domain, hit “Shorten URL” and that’s it.
  • US sender registration: Messaging the US? Use this tool to register your short code or 10DLC in order to send SMS and MMS. Note that this tool is not available in the free trial.
  • SIM swap detection: Detect SIM swap fraud attempts in real time to keep customers protected. This feature isn’t available in the free trial.