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Getting started: Manage your account

Now that you’re a paying customer, you can add users and teams, set up account notifications, mange your account security settings, and view a full log of interactions on your account.

Users and user roles

Users are individual users, different from teams, which consist of groups of users with common account permissions.

To add new users, simply click on Add user.

To manage a user, click on their profile in the list.

Here you can view the user details and roles.

The main roles are:

  • Account manager: This user manages everything related to account access and security. Assign this role to users who manage users and teams of users, apply restrictions with two-factor authentication, password policies and API keys.
  • Analyze manager: Grants access to versatile reporting and data handling options. Assign this role to users who track engagement and communication efficiency on dashboards, schedule reports, troubleshoot message delivery and exchange data with other systems and storage.
  • Communication manager: Creates engagement scenarios and sends Broadcast campaigns. Assign this role to users who design and execute flows targeting specific audiences or are triggered by behavioral events.
  • Finance data manager: Has access to financial data and manages payments. Assign this role to users who work with communication costs, track account balance and top up when necessary.
  • Integrations manager: Configures integration with third-party services and sets up products on the marketplace. Assign this role to users who manage mobile applications, purchase and release numbers for voice and SMS, configure email domains and perform other tasks required to use channels to communicate.
  • People manager: Manages customer profiles on data platform. Assign this role to users who upload and modify customer data, define and adjust audience segments, tags, custom fields and handle stop lists.

If you are the sole account user, all these roles are assigned to you by default.

Help and support

If you run into any issues or have anything to report, click on the question mark icon in the upper right to access the help and support menu.

Here you can view help resources, or report issues you are encountering.

Additionally, you can open a Live Chat dialogue and chat with our AI assistant.