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Getting started: SMS

The most widely available channel worldwide which can be sent to just about any device, SMS is the channel of choice for most businesses.

Sending your first message (business users)

Ready to send your first SMS message?

During the free trial, you will be able to use Infobip’s ServiceSMS test sender to message up to 5 verified numbers with a total of 100 credits.

To send your first test message, simply click the “Send message” button. And that’s it!

Check delivery report

You can view delivery reports that provide you the status and details of each message.

The details here include the message type, the status and any associated errors, an explanation of the status and any errors, as well as the time the message was sent and its destination.

Check country-specific SMS regulations

Next, you can check for any country-specific restrictions to your intended destination.

You can do this by expanding the “Check country-specific SMS regulations” tab and selecting your intended destination from the drop-down menu.

Explore sender options

Next, depending on your business needs, you should also explore your sender options. You can do this from the “Explore sender options” tab.

You’re encouraged to fill out the brief questionnaire – beginning with “Do you plan to send to the USA and Canada” as well as subsequent questions – to improve your experience.

Specify whether your preferred messaging type is one-way (i.e. your account sends notifications and two-factor authentication codes to your customers), or two-way messaging, which provides customers with a reply path, allowing for conversations with customers.

Next, choose your preferred sender type. You can choose from dedicated or shared senders. Dedicated senders are unique to your account. Shared senders, as the name implies, are shared with other business accounts – often sharing a generic name, like InfoSMS.

Sending your first message (developers)

During your free trial you can send SMS to up to 5 verified numbers.

Getting started is made simple with personalized code ready to run with Java, C#, PHP, Python or Go. We support other languages, as well – see our send SMS API for code examples. You can also find code examples in our developer SDKs.