EmailToSMS: A Simple Way of Empowering Your CRM

You’d like to use your CRM for sending SMS notifications but don’t feel like investing in applications or API development? EmailToSMS is your choice! Use the email notification logic that most CRMs already possess and convert it into a powerful SMS gateway. It’s as simple as it gets.

Here are some of the most basic ways of how you can use EmailToSMS:

  • Send the email subject or text body like SMS from any email client (web mail, Outlook…) to one or more recipients.
  • Send the email subject like SMS from any email client (Web mail, Outlook…)  to a list of recipients in an attachment.

Available features


We offer protection from using a fake email address. We check the host address for each email.

White labeling

To resellers, we’re offering the possibility to define their own domain.

Maximum SMS limit definition

With Infobip, you can control the maximum number of SMS sent from one email which can be very useful for clients that have multiple users using the same account.

Signature separator

We offer additional cost protection against sending non-relevant information with the signature separator (—).

Choose subject or message body, or a combination of both

Our solution is very flexible; clients can choose which part of the email will be delivered as SMS.

Apr 10th, 2014
1 min read