Placeholders for Voice: Quickly Send Personalized Messages Within a Single Campaign

Generic business-to-consumer messaging doesn’t work anymore

Today, in a business world that does everything possible to compete for every sliver of consumer attention, customer loyalty is considered a premium. To earn it, you have to keep up with your customers and make them feel special.

This is especially true when you look at consumer interactions. If done right, tailoring content you send to each individual consumer has numerous business benefits. The math here is simple. More personalization = less opt outs + more interactions. More interactions + timely communication = more selling opportunities.

Consumers need to be targeted with information relevant to them and that it comes at a time when it suits them the best. Customization is especially key for real-time business to consumer interactions that have immediate open and response rates. Customers can have a really negative reaction to generic communication done over those channels because it grabs their attention. If it isn’t relevant, the perception is that a company is just wasting their time, considerably more so than with email.

When compared to other communication channels, SMS and Voice have significantly high open rates – why? One of the reasons is that Voice and SMS communication is not used only for bulk campaigns. There are also services where customers rely on receiving a Voice message containing important information. For example One Time Pin, Address confirmation communication, account balance changes, anti fraud alerts etc. The latest research on communication trends shows that, together with email, voice represents the most common way of communication in all stages of consumer lifecycle.

Consumers like to feel special

They also want personalization – 81% of consumers want brands to get to know them. Being in constant touch with customers always results with greater customer engagement. But, it’s also important to get the right message across.

To make the communication fit the customer profile and provide them with actual value, companies have already shifted towards personalized content – it’s high time you get on that train and keep up with customer preferences.

Easily create personalized campaigns

To start the process of creating a personalized campaign, you only need to log in into the Infobip Portal where you can upload the list of Your subscribers (CSV, .TXT, .XLSX, .XLS, .ZIP are supported), defining which column contains first names, which ones refer to address and then you only need to create a message and customize it with placeholders – the term placeholder refers to a value that is read from the file (columns) you have uploaded. You can see an example of a personalized Voice message below.

Oh yeah, don’t forget about making the content creative and informative.

What does your business get from personalizing each and every campaign?

Studies have shown that personalized messages increase related conversions by more than 27%, compared to other messages while studies by Accenture have shown that 56% of consumers are more likely to buy a product from a company that remembers their name.

When using Infobip Portal, creating personalized campaigns is easy. In only a couple of steps, you will be ready to launch personalized campaigns that are reading out values (like address, account balance, mobile number) unique to each subscriber. Through the Voice message service, you can deliver a tailored message grabbing the customer’s attention by mentioning, for example, their name.

With this simple trick, you can definitely influence customer engagement resulting in a higher level of loyalty towards your brand.

Aug 1st, 2017
3 min read