Big data front and centre at eStudent’s Mozgalo

Our Quality of Service expert Boris Ostojic and Andrea Drascic from People Operations visited eStudents Mozgalo, introducing students to how Infobip handles big data.

February 02 2015

More than two decades have passed since the birth of the World Wide Web. In time, the information system of interlinked hypertext documents grew into the greatest human invention of the 20th century. Now a massive tool for education and the transfer of global knowledge, it also directly impacted understanding data and information on an unprecedented scale.

For the most part, formal education and legislature has always lagged behind technology, but that's not the case with eStudent. Mozgalo or ”Brainiac“, an educational data mining competition for students promoted by the eStudent organisation at the University of Zagreb, Croatia, is rewarding those students who show an interest in this increasingly important area. By sponsoring the competition, we're not only helping to create educated professionals in this field, but are potentially impacting the growth of something that can still cause a tectonic shift in the perception of information in the IT industry.

Our Quality of Service expert Boris Ostojic and Andrea Drascic from People Operations visited the opening of this three month-long event, helping students better understand the values behind a modern tech company. Already versed in machine learning and various statistical methods for big data analytics, the students were introduced to Boris, who offered a presentation on the unique way Infobip deals with large quantities of data, and also spoke about the quality of service levels that our company provides.

Our platform handles an immense amount of inbound and outbound traffic, so we are very aware of the importance of data handling, and we can put things in perspective for these students. Their practical skills are being put to the test as they simultaneously build their creativity and solve real business problems. All this has benefits for the entire ecosystem, from education to job creation. For a modern tech entity such as Infobip, the value behind these creative competitions is huge. We are committed to providing educational and financial support to see the efforts of these young people realised.

Promoting educations and acquiring practical knowledge from any area of computer science is a relevant topic throughout the mobile industry. As part of an industry that largely depends on user engagement, we're helping create habit-forming products to keep them coming back. A large portion of startups and apps depend on getting the right information to their users, at the right time. Combine this with the fact that a brand's access to users has never been larger and you'll begin to understand the importance of big data – we do too.

With 5 data centres spread out across the globe and by supporting billions of transactions every month, having the ability to measure business results that come from the use of our cloud services are essential for our business. However, it's important to look at the bigger picture. There's no telling how potential applications of large-scale data mining and analysis might benefit society as a whole – and that's really something to aspire to.