Call centres: SMS tools tuned for max efficiency

Keep your Call Centre functioning like a well-oiled machine by eliminating hang-ups and long waiting cues, increasing productivity for SMS campaigns resulting in inbound calls.

November 18 2014

A call centre can function like a well-oiled machine, but when conducting particular types of SMS campaigns, it can face a huge number of inbound calls at the same time. If they exceed the existing call agent capacity, these calls will not be handled properly which leaves a direct impact on call centre performance and results. Even the best-oiled machines tend to struggle if they don’t have a professional system for managing such campaigns.

Increase productivity

If a campaign or action is based on a large number of outbound SMS messages inviting recipients to call the number given in the message (in order to get a discount, for instance), sending out too many messages at the same time will bring in hundreds and hundreds of calls. The outcome is not difficult to predict - limited call agent availability, infrastructure clogging and, subsequently, poorer customer service.

Infobip helps call centres keep things manageable

Having all this in mind, and by working closely with a call centre that experienced these difficulties, we’ve developed a set of professional bulk SMS features to solve specific problems they encountered in their day-to-day operations.

Eliminate hang-ups and long queues

Why send out 100 000 SMS messages at once, when your call agents can’t handle more than, say, 100 resulting inbound calls in a given time span?

Make sure you get no hang-ups and those long waiting queues which damage your call centre performance. Time your outbound SMS perfectly, and tune sending speed to result in the optimal number of incoming phone calls - the exact amount your agents can handle.

Full bulk SMS control allows you to pause, resume or cancel sending at any time, change sending speed in the middle of an outbound campaign, schedule your campaigns in advance and set many other parameters which will both ease and optimise your inbound calls management. Also you’ll be able to export sent and unsent messages in Excel or CSV formats.

Furthermore, the features include multiple file upload, predefined templates and the possibility to send SMS campaigns in your clients’ name and our Number Lookup checks the validity of your database, reducing costs of your SMS campaigns.

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