Marketer’s Guide to Omnichannel Communications

Engage your audience by making the most out of every communications channel.



Having one way to communicate with customers is like having only one flavor of ice cream. Sure it’s good, but you’re not always in the mood for mint chocolate chip. Sometimes you need rapid, reliable communications and only SMS will get the message to customers quickly. Product updates, probably better as an email. Support could be done on either, but what about using WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger?

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Now, you can start those conversation anywhere, at any time. Omnichannel marketing is more than just a choice of platforms or channels, it’s a mindset that there is no preferred channel for customer communications. It’s a mindset that allows companies to think nothing of having a support call start with SMS, switch to email for details then phone to confirm and back to SMS for a follow up survey. At its core omnichannel marketing is customer focused and user-centric marketing and messaging. Omni channel is about letting the customer guide the pace of the conversation.

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Comprised of a web of solutions that gives customers the flexibility to immediately choose the right communications tool for them-at that moment, omnichannel is the new age of digital marketing. With fully-integrated communications, it doesn’t matter what channel a customer picks, all the channels are readily available and easily manageable from one single point.

This ebook is intended as the complete vision for your new communications strategy at once. You won’t just see how communication channels and tools fit together but why they fit together as well. Each facet of omnichannel communications supports the other. Why 2-Way SMS is built on an SMS messaging API that powers 2-Factor Authentication which can be used to help customer support over the phone.

That’s the omni part of omnichannel. All encompassing. Unified. Cohesive.


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