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Create experiences customers value to securely engage, convert, support and retain them.

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Create Memorable Customer Experiences

Solutions refined over 12 years and 40,000 customers, blending customer experience, technology and data.

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Maximize your revenue with Infobip

We are a trusted partner in expanding business messaging, bringing new revenue and building enterprise relationships with top-notch customer experience.

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Real-world Insights, events and case studies to learn and adapt to your needs.

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Customer Engagement Starts with Personalized Moments

Add a human touch to your communications.

Engage with personalized messages and create smart automated journeys over an omnichannel customer engagement platform. 

Reach your customers on the channels they prefer. 

Offer a true omnichannel experience through our extensive channel portfolio - WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Viber and many other chat apps, SMS, Email, RCS, Mobile App Messaging and more. 

* Early Access. Some features may not be fully available until August 2020.

Build Lasting Customer Relationships

  • Omnichannel Experience

    Be Where Your Customers Are

    • Exceed customer expectations with a seamless omnichannel experience by delivering the right message on the channel your customers prefer
    • Interact over a multitude of channels – Email, SMS, Voice, RCS, Chat Apps and Mobile App Messaging
  • Get Personal

    Delight Your Customers with Personalized Messaging

    • Segment by demographics, behavior, and more
    • Personalize with contextual messaging and rich experiences
    • Leverage customer data to create personalized marketing communications
  • Save Time

    Create Contextual Moments with Smart Automation

    • Instantly deliver meaningful messages using customer data
    • Quickly drag and drop to create automated and contextual customer journey flows
    • Reduce time to value with automated multi-step communication flows across channels and have an always on marketing strategy
  • Leverage Data

    Boost Efficiency with Event-Triggered Campaigns

    • Boost conversions through intelligently automated behavior triggered messaging
    • Deliver messages dependent on their actions and analyze how customers interact during each step of the customer journey
  • 01 Omnichannel Experience
    Be Where Your Customers Are
  • 02 Get Personal
    Delight Your Customers with Personalized Messaging
  • 03 Save Time
    Create Contextual Moments with Smart Automation
  • 04 Leverage Data
    Boost Efficiency with Event-Triggered Campaigns

Transform Customer Insights to personalized messaging moments

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  • Connected Customer Data

    Connect all your customer data on to a single platform and build relationships through contextual messaging based on their behavior and insights. Import data from your CRM, booking or payments system, mobile app, website and more. 

  • Rich Profiles and Segmentation

    Leverage your customer data to create individualized profiles and in-depth audience segments to build personalized messaging campaigns. Track customer behavior and event actions to save it in their profiles. 

  • Codeless Flow Creator

    Create automated, multi-step customer journeys across various channels through our visual web-based builder within just a few clicks. Create conditional scenarios and with advanced automation settings determine exactly who gets enrolled when. 

  • Optimize Campaigns with A/B Testing

    Fine-tune your campaign engagement with A/B testing to experiment with your messaging and see what works better and the perfect time to send it out. 

  • Event-triggered Automation

    Create continuous engagement experiences and timely interactions with event-triggered campaigns based on customer actions, behaviors and channel preferences. 

  • Campaign Efficiency Results

    Monitor results at every step of the communication flow and set up goals to easily track conversions, monitor purchases, downloads, signups, features used in mobile apps and more.  

Engage Over Your Customers’ Preferred Channel

  • Effective Customer Onboarding

    Create seamless signup journeys that excite, engage, and acquire new customers.

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  • Action Based Retargeting

    Create bold and effective targeting flows on users in-app and web behavior to increase retention and prevent churn.

  • Win Back Cart Abandoners

    Motivate shoppers to complete their purchase with timely and creative reminders.

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  • Reengage Inactive Users

    Understand why your users are inactive and drive mobile app engagement to stay on top of their mind with relevant messaging.

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  • Engage on Special Occasions

    Create memorable moments and show your customers you care with Birthday and special occasion greetings and an added value of a personalized offer.

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  • Convert Customers

    Boost conversions and nurture leads with event and behavior-based messages.

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Fitting Moments into Your Messaging Ecosystem

Simple Moments User Interface

Kickstart your engagement campaigns with easy to build omnichannel customer journeys and automated workflows, and personalized messaging campaigns.

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People API, Mobile SDK, JavaScript SDK

Enrich your messaging experience by connecting customer data from multiple sources to build rich profiles and track mobile and web events to generate valuable customer insights.

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The Infobip Advantage

  • Omnichannel Engagement

    Our extensive channel portfolio allows you to customize your messaging over your customers’ preferred channel with ease and deliver timely, engaging experiences.

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  • Local, Globally

    Our local presence enables us to react faster and have everyday interactions with our customers, providing solutions in-line with their needs, local requirements and based on proven best-practices.

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  • Scalable, Fast and Flexible Solutions

    Our solutions are created to adapt to the constantly changing market and communication trends at speeds and levels of precision and personalization that only an in-house solution can offer.

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  • Own Infrastructure

    Our infrastructure easily scales horizontally, leveraging the hybrid cloud model to never run out of resources. 

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  • Transform Customer Insights To Personalized Messaging Moments