Unlock the Value of Cloud Customer Experience Technology

Businesses use cloud technologies to elevate their customer experience while improving productivity and data accuracy.

But the quest for better tools means they often end up with multiple cloud technologies and processes. This is why it’s time for technology providers to change the way they sell, and rethink their growth strategies.

Here we explore how technology providers can progress beyond direct sales and achieve more with technology partner programs.

The partnership ecosystem mindset

Software tools are far more valuable when they seamlessly integrate into a client’s existing technology stack. Without this, you face the challenge of disconnected tools and applications, data siloes, and poor performance, which all affect customer experience.

This is where technology partner ecosystems come into play. The right partner empowers you to create a core set of cloud technologies and channels that work seamlessly together. This elevates your existing offering while also unlocking additional growth areas within the cloud market segment.

The market opportunity

Cloud communications technology promises lower development, reduced costs, streamlined sales cycles, unified environments, and new data-driven insights into customer behavior. It represents an opportunity to deliver more value to your clients, increase profitability, and improve customer experience.

Key reasons to partner with a cloud customer experience technology provider include the ability to:

  • Unlock new customer and revenue segments
  • Reduce technical complexity and costs
  • Integrate new cloud services and digital channels
  • Leverage customer data and optimize at scale

Unlock a $240 billion market through partnerships

The cloud market segment continues to grow, with the largest segment, SaaS, set to reach $151.1 billion by 2022, and with CPaaS set to reach $17.7 billion by 2024.

Partnering with a single cloud communications technology company gives you access to a growing market segment of:

  • IoT: this allows you to interface in real time with multiple devices for use cases such as device management, data management, connectivity, security, and analytics.
  • Mobile Identity: an online mobile authentication method to verify individuals via an API using data connections between the user and the mobile operator network. Check out our infographic to unlock the value of the cybersecurity market.
  • Contact centers: a SaaS-based application enabling customer service organizations to manage omnichannel customer interactions.
  • CPaaS: a cloud-based platform enabling businesses to add real-time communication features to their applications without backend infrastructure. Download our infographic and check out why you need to partner with a CPaaS provider.
  • Communication channels: an array of digital channels including key ones such as SMS, Voice, Email, Chat Apps, RCS, and Video.
  • CRM: technology used to analyze and manage a company’s interactions with customers or potential customers.

Tap into the value of partnerships

By partnering together, we can dismantle cloud communications silos for superior customer experiences. Benefit from our partnership program, augment your current offerings, help your clients, and unlock new revenue streams.

Jun 29th, 2021
3 min read