RCS - Rich Communication Services

Join the Future of Mobile Messaging

Rich messaging you need now comes native with customer phones.

Send images, live audio and video

Improve your conversion and click rates

Communicate based on location

Boost SMS campaigns with prebuilt rich messaging

Use group and individual chats

Get ‘Seen’ and ‘typing’ notifications

Engage with GIFs and stickers

Chatbot support


RCS is a native communications channel available on customer mobile devices, allowing you to upgrade the messaging experience for all your customers.

Use customer numbers you have and engage with rich communications.

Go Beyond Texting

User adoption is simple and straightforward - they want messaging that engages with high-quality photos or live video or offers convenient support through chat options.

Rich access to your brand or service that comes with their phones makes it that much more effective, driving new conversions and click-through rates.

"At Uber, we are constantly challenging ourselves. Everything from quick food delivery, to reducing congestion in cities by getting more people in fewer cars require immediate, perceptive dialogue with passengers and drivers. The visual and immediate impact that RCS messaging provides, with for example video driver confirmations and appealing lunch menu image delivery, allow Uber to explore the possibilities of taking the mobile experience for all Uber users around the world to a higher level."

Rahul Vijay, Global Strategic Sourcing from Uber

Bring RCS to Life for your Customers

On three different continents.

Go beyond testing and use RCS service in 4 countries. By working closely with MNOs and other communication providers we’ve become the first cPaaS platform to offer rich communications services globally.