How to use ads that click to WhatsApp

Senior Product Marketing Manager

Ana Butara

Senior Product Marketing Manager

With its global reach, WhatsApp has become the number one communication channel for over 2 billion users worldwide. It has become a must have for omnichannel communication strategies.

When 75% of customers complete purchases on their mobile device, it’s important for businesses to make themselves present on the digital channels their customers love. From the moment customers start researching products or services, give them the opportunity to connect with your business directly to get their burning questions answered.

By 2026, 70% of total digital ad spend will be generated through mobile. That is a significant amount of ad spend going to digital platforms and channels. You can increase your return on this investment by giving customers the chance to open a conversation with you directly over WhatsApp.

WhatsApp Business has strict rules around how businesses can start conversations with customers. That is, they can’t start them. Businesses can only communicate with customers over WhatsApp if the customer has opted in or if the customer has initiated the conversation.

That’s why ads that click to WhatsApp are a critical tool to get businesses interacting with customers who want quick and easy access to brands and their customer service. Since your customers are already on Instagram and Facebook, allow them to click straight to a WhatsApp conversation, opt-in and remove any friction in the discovery stage of their journey.

Click to whatsapp ads

Nurture leads from the first moment of contact with your business and give them a convenient and familiar way to communicate with your business.

What are ads that click to WhatsApp?

Ads that click to WhatsApp are a shortcut to start conversations with your customers. 

With ads that click to WhatsApp, you can simply connect your existing Facebook posts and ads to your WhatsApp channel.  

click to whatsapp ad on social media

These ads are the same as the regular Facebook and Instagram ads, but with a Send Message button.  

Once clicked, your customer will automatically be directed to your official WhatsApp Business channel, allowing them to make the first move – quickly and easily.

Why to use ads that click to WhatsApp?

Ads that click to WhatsApp are a useful addition to your social media promotion strategy. 

It can help you during the: 

  • Discovery phase: when introducing WhatsApp as a new communication channel or trying to reach out to new customers  
  • Announcement phase: when launching a new product or service to build traction and interaction around it  
  • Retention phase: to inform existing followers about WhatsApp as a support channel
  • Urgency phase: reach wider audiences for time-sensitive campaigns   

Using click to WhatsApp ads will result in: 

Wider reach

Facebook and Instagram together have over 4 billion active users. With targeting options, you can reach out to a wider audience in addition to your existing database. You can target people by interests, demographics, social media behavior or even similarities to your target audience. 

Diversify user base

Through click to WhatsApp ads you can increase your user base by reaching out to the entire Facebook and Instagram audience network and gain new users as opposed to just interacting with existing users. 

Contact made quick and easy

Customers only need to click to reach you for more information. They’re immediately directed to their favorite communication channel and can start interacting with your brand instantly. 

Better agency efficiency

The agents communicating with customers over WhatsApp are informed which ad brought the customer to the WhatsApp channel. This helps them get more contextual information and stay productive.

Keep agents busy with complex service issues by adding a WhatsApp chatbot to provide 24/7 support. With self-service options, and answers to FAQs, your agents can avoid high-volume low-value interactions, and remain efficient.

Better customer service and higher satisfaction

By introducing click to WhatsApp ads, combined with live agents and a simple chatbot, you’ll be able to exceed customer expectations. Being present on a channel your customers are familiar with gives them access to convenient communication with your brand. Increase their satisfaction by delivering fast and efficient responses on the channel they love.

How to start with click to WhatsApp? 

Ads that click to WhatsApp allow you to simply connect your existing Facebook Business page with your WhatsApp Business account. 

  1. Log in to your Facebook Ads Manager account  
  2. Choose your objective: connect and chat with potential customers or get more people to engage with your posts  
  3. Create your ad: choose between a newsfeed post with a ˝send message˝ button or an Instagram story with a ˝swipe up to chat˝ call-to-action  

Consider also integrating other entry points such as widgets on your website or through traditional offline media and increase your chances of customers reaching out to you on WhatsApp.  

So, increase your user base and deliver great customer experience through the WhatsApp Business Platform. 

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Jun 19th, 2020
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Senior Product Marketing Manager

Ana Butara

Senior Product Marketing Manager